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The players in the ’08 draft have an effect on the league

In the past few years have choice of NBA players rocking misfortune multiple team in the NBA, put them position is in the scramble for an NBA championship (James, Howard, Durant) and there have been multiple misses in the drafts that have kept lottery teams worried about which way the ping pong balls bounce at the end of the year or stuck in mediocrity for another season (Oden, Brown, Thabeet), but as I have looked over the drafts after the ’03 year, I have noticed that the 2008 NBA Draft has shaped the way things have turned out in the NBA as of now. Of course you can look at how good the Blazers would be had they drafted KD instead of Oden pairing him up with Roy/Aldridge or you can talk about how the Pistons may still be relevant had they passed on center Darko Milicic and paired Billups/Hamilton/Prince/Wallace (2x) with a Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, or Chris Bosh, or we can even speak on how the trades in the 2006 draft (B. Roy, R. Rondo, R. Gay, L. Aldridge) allowed teams to build on the fly and become contenders fast, but the players in the ’08 draft have an effect on the league right now and their success and downfalls are all intertwined with our beloved basketball game now.