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Haimer grab the jackpot

Orioles coaching staff yesterday announced the open season starting rotation, the ace righthander Helmer (cheap mlb jerseys) will dedicate career opening game debut lefty brother after Chen Weiyin connected; been psychologically prepared Yin Tsai says with a laugh, since last yearsegment of the season after almost Haimer-based, and therefore will not be disappointed, "it was good mood, at least not be as much pressure."

海默爾搶頭彩 殷仔扛二號先發

April 4 the first battle light

Yin Tsai opened the cheap hockey jerseys pre-season two games will be Taiwan time on a light on at 7:00 on April 4th, at 2:00 on the 9th against the Red Sox are away. No matter who we're playing, Yin Tsai remind myself, try not to change the mentality, "anyway, is his best stuff out, do not be afraid to play, do the right thing."

From the start to the season last year, the 5th starting the "upgrade" to this year, the 2nd Lord Yin Tsai remembered rookie year still worried about the possibility of beginning to squeeze into the starting rotation, he said, very happy and very grateful to the trust of the coaching staff, hope the best performance you can take the opportunity that the team with more confidence.